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CrossFit Christmas List

Jeremy Augusta

The holidays are coming fast and I am sure you guys are thinking about what to get that special athlete in your life. Well, I am here to help you with that. These recommendations are based on a few things, firstly, value. Listen, I have a big family and I understand needing to get the most bang for your buck. SO, everything I am listing here is because I have personal knowledge of the brand and product and I know the value of it compared to similar products to make sure that you get the very best price. Secondly, I own a gym, I am a coach, I provide programming for CrossFit gyms, powerlifting gyms and strength athletes all over the world. These are the same products I recommend to the people who trust me as their coach because they know that I know these products better than most.

Also, to make shopping as simple as possible, everything listed here comes from Amazon Prime. If you are like me, you don’t want to order 100 different things from 100 different sites, so I am going to make this as easy as possible for you. Each time you click, it will open a new window so that you can add it to your cart without losing your spot here. Also, for almost all of these products, they have a ton of different designs than what is just shown in the picture here.

Now that we have that our of the way, lets get to why you’re here. Money savings for the holidays! All you have to do is click the pictures and your there on the product!

Wrist Wraps

First off, wrist wraps. As a coach, I really wish more people would use these. The wrists are a pretty delicate part of the body that can be easily injured. Often, when I do see people wearing wrist wraps, they are wearing a crap brand that doesn’t help any at all. Not everything with a brand name is the best, but in this situation I love the Rogue wrist wraps for CrossFit, Powerlifting, bodybuilding and Olympic weightlifting.

Jump Ropes

OK, if you are going to do CrossFit, you MUST have a decent jump rope. Here is the thing, every jump rope acts differently, even if they are the same brand, they move differently and you have to get used to them. So, here are two I suggest. The first is again a Rogue brand and this one moves really fast and has a light rope. This is better for a more advanced athlete. The second isn’t a big brand rope, but I know from experience it is literally the exact same rope as a Rogue brand, but at a much cheaper price point. The second one is also much heavier and great for learning. Need to pick between the two? Here is a good way to guess for the person without asking them. If they were buying a phone and the phone was exactly the same except one is bigger and one is smaller, which could they pick? If smaller, get the S1, if the person would want a bigger phone, get the Rx down below this one.

This rope moves really, really fast and is great for the advanced athlete.

This rope moves really, really fast and is great for the advanced athlete.

Here is the heavier rope. This one isn’t brand name, and that is why I picked it. This is literally exactly like the ones from a company we all know and I am 99% positive these actually come from the same assembly line, but in this case, because you are not paying for the brand name you get the same product at a greater value.

A heavier rope that is great for learning because it gives feedback and is also a fantastic choice for the bigger athlete.

A heavier rope that is great for learning because it gives feedback and is also a fantastic choice for the bigger athlete.

Knee Sleeves

Ok guys, these things are something we all need. They protect your knee, they keep them same and warm and this brand is absolutely the best. Seriously, the very best. I have had a lot of brands, and I have knee problems, this are literally the very best product on the market and they are fairly prices. What I love most about these is they last FOREVER. One of my gym members is a mail man and has bad knees. He has been wearing his for about 2 years every day at work and they are still in great condition. Don’t get cheaper ones, these are the value.


Hands. They rip, often when you are a CrossFit athlete. Even if you are a newer athlete, it happens and you have to protect them. Gloves suck, here is the issue with gloves, they move and create friction that still makes the hands rip. That is why in the CrossFit games you never see anyone wearing them, however, you do see them with grips on. My wife has ripped her hands more times than we can count, and she has been through just as many grips. A lot of grips suck, but these do not. These are the ones that she wears and they are amazing. When ordering these, get 2 sizes too big so they can have a bit of a folded lip at the top near the fingers, trust me, that is how you want to buy these. I really can’t say enough good things about this one, we have used so many different brands to try and help her hands and this is the only one that has actually done the job we were looking for.


Belts are a necessity for athletes. Here is the thing, a weightlifting belt is like a seat belt, you may be safe without it, but when shit gets bad, you will be glad you’re wearing it. In my gym we have a rule, anything over 80% the athlete must have a belt on. There are a lot of different kinds of belts, for this writing, I am talking about only one specifically that I personally know and like it a lot based on its value and reliability. This brings is to the brand Harbinger. They have been around forever and make good equipment without trying to overprice the products. This specific belt, I have purchased for my own members. It has great support, it lasts a long time and is a great price point. There are more, fancier belts out there, but for the value, this is the winner.

Sling Shot

Speaking of protection, let’s talk about shoulders. I have a 700lb bench press, my shoulders are shot and they hurt, often. Here is a fun fact, the 700lb bench didn’t make my shoulders hurt, years of wear and tear did. In fact, when I started having shoulder pain my bench press was around 300lbs. So how did I add so much weight when it hurts to bench press? I purchased a Sling Shot. I went about a year without being able to bench, I purchased a Sling Shot hoping it would help with my shoulder pain and I’ll be damned, it works! Seriously, this product is the only reason I can bench press. If you want longevity, or whoever you are purchasing this for does, this is a much needed tool. It forced you to have good form and it takes the pressure off of the shoulders at the bottom of the bench where they are most likely to hurt and get injured. If you bench, if who you are purchasing this for benches, do them a favor and get this. There is a chart that shows you exactly which one to get and do not make the mistake of getting the one rated for a 400lb bench press when the guy benches 200lbs.

Silicone Rings

These are another obvious product for the Holidays for an athlete. The knurling on a barbell WILL slowly grind down your wedding bands. Nobody wants their ring to get destroyed, so you have two option. You can either do like I have and get it inked on yourself, or, you can get one of these very fairly priced bands. What I like about this one is that the price is where I want it to be and they have a lot of cool designs. With the price being so low, it is a great stocking stuffer. This is just one I like, but are about the same on the price point, but whichever brand, these are always a great choice.