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Save Your Members Money While Adding Value And Increasing Your Income

Jeremy Augusta

Save your members money, add value to yourself and increase your income

I do this every year for my gym at Christmas time and other holidays. 

The way to do it is affiliate marketing with your website. It isn't pyramid or multi level marketing. It's setting yourself up with affiliate accounts through merchants you know your members will be buying gifts from. When ever you see websites posting reviews or talking about a product, this is what they are doing. I prefer the site You create your account and then you search through 1,000's of available merchants and pick the ones that align with your target market. There are some big names on there, Reebok, CrossFit, Adidas and about any you can think of. 

This is how I do it. I create the affiliate accounts and got the links needed. I then made a page on my website and called it "fitness Christmas list". It was a list with custom links and reviews of many, many different products I know people who workout want. I had probably 30 different products from different companies listed. I share the page on social media and made it a Facebook ad as well. 

What happens is once the person clicks the link they are tracked with a cookie. The cookies last normally 30 days. So say a person clicked a link to a pair of Reebok shoes but didn't buy them. If they came back to Reebok 3 weeks later and purchased a shirt or shoes, whatever, I still received 10-15% commission because the cookie was active. This adds up to a lot of commissions coming in to me from the shareasale site. 

The way you can save your members money is because you'll get early access to black Friday, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day and other sales to prep your site. Also, a super big perk is that you also get commission on your own purchases which makes your Christmas cheaper.

I know this isn't exactly programming related, but it is a way to help your members and to increase your bottom line. More income means a more successful gym, more successful gyms mean a better sport for us all