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Unique Marketing For Your Facility


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Unique Marketing For Your Facility

Jeremy Augusta

Here is a unique marketing strategy that I think can work well for a lot of people. This involves setting up a strategic partnership with a local coffee shop. Not a Starbucks but a small family owned shop. 

A lot of small shops don't actually sell a lot of black coffee, their sells come from other products. The customers who do buy black coffee are normally men between 25 and 45. A normal small shop will sell about $50 of black coffee a day. Here is how you use this information to gain members and market. 

Offer the shop to buy the first $50 worth of black coffee on whatever day you pick. I would go with a Monday. They will get the opportunity to market that on that day coffee is free and provided by you! That will drive them sales and get them more shares and likes on Facebook. With each cup of coffee they put your business card into the sleeve so each person that you purchased coffee for will know it came from your gym and they will have your business card in their hands. 

So for about $50 you will increase your marketing reach by using the coffee shops marketing. You will get more likes on Facebook, you will create a greater brand awareness and people who don't even know you (yet) will have an appreciation for you because you bought their morning coffee. 

It's very cheap and effective marketing that will get you in front of a new group of people you may not already reach.