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Online Meets

We are starting a first ever event of it's kind! We are now hosting online powerlifting and weightlifting meets through our new app partner, Bend The Bar Events. 

Each month we will host a meet, alternating between powerlifting and weightlifting with the first meed being held March 2nd. To stay up tp date on upcoming meets,
follow American Strength Club on Facebook.

Using the patented app, you will be able to live stream all of your lifts during the meet, declare your attempts and organize meets just as if they were conducted in person. The start times for the weight divisions for both male and females will be announced to the app ahead of time. Your declared weights will dictate the order of lifting and you can change each attempt up to two times straight on your phone (no cards)! Once its your turn to lift your phone needs to be pointed at you for streaming. You will have one minute to make your lift attempt.

It's just like a normal meet without having to leave your home or gym. You will even have a live stream link so your friends and family anywhere in the world can watch! There are also no federation membership fees!

All meet results will be updated on Because these events will be available to compete in on a world wide scale, we expect that many of the gyms and athletes who are in the 10 different countries which follow American Strength Club Programming will be competing. With our new American Strength Club Federation and the fact that these events will be competed by people in multiple countries, we will not have State or National Records but instead there will be a list of World Record holders updated after each meet. For those seeking these records, certificate are available.

For powerlifters, we will still be using the Wilks Score.

For weightlifting meets, we will be using the new IWF Robi Points calculator.

The winner of the first meet with the overall wilks will receive the championship belt shown in the picture. Because it is wilks based, it can be won by either male or female. 

Registration for the events are accessible through the apps for your operating system.

Links for the apps and other important information are below. 


Android URL:

Public streams and scorecards: