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Seminars & Certifications

Online Powerlifting Coaching Course and Certification

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We offer two separate type of in person events; a 1 day seminar focused on the powerlifting movements and a 2 day certification for the American Strength Club L1 Powerlifting Coach Certification.

1 Day Seminar

The Swing Block Method
The science of strength training
Proper form in a Powerlifting environment
Accommodating Resistance
Post-Activation Potentiation
Using powerlifting techniques to enhance CrossFit athletes

The members of Jeremy’s gym are the owners of 340 National and State strength records from Powerlifting to Olympic lifting. In thin seminar you will learn The Swing Block Method of strength training what has produced all of these records.

The science of strength training

During the presentation you will learn about why this method works. We will cover in great detail exactly what happens in the body when working in specific rep ranges, with specific intensity and volume. We will be covering the CNS, how it reacts and how to train it. In the Swing Block Method there is a lot of time spent focusing on joint health, during the presentation you will learn how me focus on joint health, why what we do make the joints have added life and how you can convert that process to all aspects of your training.

Proper form in a Powerlifting environment

Bro reps aren't welcome here. People are always amazed at the depth of technical knowledge for something that seems as simple as a bench press. Knowing how to properly perform this movement vs how people normally do it can mean the difference of 75lbs or more. When performing the lifts in a powerlifting environment they was they are executed and the set up or different than in a normal CrossFit environment because we are talking about lifting BIG weights efficiently. We will also be learning how to use knee wraps and wrist wraps in a way you didn't know you could so that you can achieve the biggest numbers you ever have.

Accommodating Resistance

Jeremy preaches the gospel of the bands. Accommodating resistance is the use of chains and bands to increase the force velocity curve. The body is made up of lever systems. When you're at your lowest on the squat, your lever system is it it's weakest. That's why you see “bros" in the gym doing quarter squats because that high the lever system is at their strongest. It's harder to use full range of motion so they simply won't and happily let their knees pay the price without getting full results. Remember, partial reps mean partial results. In the seminar we will use bands to show you a brand new way of training and how to hit a new PR TODAY.

Post-Activation Potentiation

Post-activation potentiation is the result of a muscle being able to produce more force than normal based on recent muscle contraction. An easy example is if you want your athlete to get a new 1RM for back squat at 300 pounds, you first load the bar with 350 to 400 pounds and let it sit on their back and perform partial reps. You want to let them hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. What's happening in the body is that the nervous system is now used to and prepared to move this much heavier than intended load, and the result will be a much more effective lift when attempting the new, true PR with a lighter weight. Beyond the barbell, you will be shown techniques of using a combination of Post-Activation Potentiation and Accommodating resistance that Jeremy has used to add 16 inches to a basketball players vertical in 6 weeks


Come ready to learn and hit new personal records on all of your lifts!

When you attend the seminar, be ready to lift heavy the entire day. Anyone can have great form with a PVC pipe, but it is a different monster to have great form while under near maximal loads. We learn ways to warm up specific for the movement, we warm up with a barbell and then we go heavy. We spend the day focusing on form under load, fixing that form and watching PR’s skyrocket. Seeing PR’s of 50lbs or more is typical across all individual lifts.

2 Day Certification

The 2 day coaching certification includes everything from above but has a strong emphasis on not only learning the technique but coaching it as well.

On the second day of the seminar attendees will learn all aspects of how to coach at a powerlifting meet, how to read cards, the general rules of the meet and will perform a mock meet as well.

At the end of the day there will be a test that must be passed for issuance of the Powerlifting Coach Certification.